Persona Human Sciences is co-founded by international genetic technology team and bio-technology management, aims at bringing wellbeing for humankind. With the global cutting edge technology, advanced machinery and huge database are utilized in order to decode the human genes. Decoding human genetics helps us to better understanding ourselves and the latest development is to discover our inherited personality and talents.
With the genetics advances, PERSONA always upholds the core value of the company: make contribution to the society and provide a bright future for the public with innovative and scientific spirit.

Human genetics is more an applied science and we endeavor our efforts on integrating genetic contribution into our daily life in a meaningful way. Consequently, we commit ourselves to bringing better quality of life for the humankind as a whole.
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Later in June/July, we will host a conference for an in-depth info session about the importance between PERSONA and education.
We have invited several education expects as speakers for the event. Please visit our Facebook page, 
Persona Human Sciencesfor more information.